Sectors and Services

Whatever you can conceive of in the realm of historic buildings and properties, we provide the background, experience, and work products along with our enthusiasm to help you move forward. Explore our Key Areas of Practice & Portfolio and Connect with us on your project needs and vision.

Architecture and Rehabilitation

Public, Higher Education, Commercial, and Residential

We provide the full range of customary architectural services for design of new buildings, rehabilitation, renovations, and additions. We work in a variety of roles, including prime architect, consultant on a team, and a single source for design on smaller projects. We are conscientious about parameters of scope and work with our clients to design elegant solutions that are also cost effective. Our services include the customary drawings and specifications, with CAD drafting for existing conditions and new design.


Architectural History

Architectural History and Historic Significance of Properties and Districts

Clients often come to us to understand the history of their properties and to determine if it has historic significance. Typically, properties with structures that are 50 years or more in age are evaluated to determine if they are historic resources. While not all properties will be significant, some are identified as such through research and evaluation, defining an association to historical events, patterns in history, people, architectural distinction, or the work of a master. Our research references databases, libraries, historical societies, local government archives and other repositories. We have evaluated individual buildings and more expansive properties to determine their historical background, significance, character-defining features, and boundaries. Our work products include historical reports, national register nominations, cultural resource documentation for environmental impact reports, national register nominations, and DPR 523 Forms.


Documentation, Planning, Condition Assessments, and Feasibility Studies

Knapp Architects has prepared as-built drawings, conditions assessments, feasibility studies, and planning documents which are actively used by property owners to prepare long-range development plans, initiate fund raising and future projects. Our firm prepares drawings and historical summaries to the standards of Historic American Buildings Survey and Historic American Landscape Survey. We compile historic structure reports, a recognized format used widely in the United States for long-term operation and improvement of historic buildings and sites. For conditions assessments, we study and document deterioration and propose recommendations for repair. We produce feasibility studies based on the existing conditions and planning goals to develop preliminary cost estimates for future rehabilitation. We bring to these reports a command of the technical requirements of documentation and applicable professional and regulatory standards to provide recommendations with a practical sense of the needs and options facing owners and stakeholders.


Historic Resource and Project Evaluations

Knapp Architects has prepared a range of evaluations for proposed projects that involve historic buildings and districts. These evaluations assess the project’s compliance with preservation standards either at the local, state, or national level. Typical documents include historic resource determinations, historic resource evaluations, and letters of evaluation along with photographs, drawings, and historical documents.

Federal and Local Historic Preservation Certification and Tax Credits

Where clients seek federal tax credits or local tax credits such as the Mills Act, we prepare historic preservation certification applications and letters of evaluation. These typically entail describing the existing conditions, proposed work, and documentation of the completed work for final review by local, state, and national reviewing bodies including the State Office of Historic Preservation and National Park Service.