Our Talented Intern – Olivia Ibaseta

Olivia Ibaseta is a high school student studying Architecture and Design at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco. The Architecture and Design program consists of education in traditional architecture as well as study in conceptual and sculptural design. She has taken part in competitions through the program, winning the Engineers’ Alliance for the Arts – President’s Award for Bridge Design and a competition to design a sculpture for an upcoming Mercedes Benz Dealership. The program’s partnership with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art brings the students closer to the world of art and the history of innovative design, teaching students to appreciate and explore art and design of years prior.

Her interest in historical design comes from growing up in San Francisco, a city rich in history and architecture. Sustainability is another factor of her interest in the world of historical architecture, and saving materials and spaces is much more ideal than demolition and starting over. She is interested in combining the past and the future in order to make an impact, in both original, innovative design and preservation efforts. At the firm, Olivia completes tasks involving research, organization, and communication.